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Galanthus nivalis 'Pumpot'

Galanthus nivalis 'Pumpot'


The first inverse poculiform G. nivalis dates from as long ago as 1995 and was mentioned in Snowdrops (2001, Bishop 2004, 2011) without a name. It was found by Joerg Lebsa as an isolated example in a stand of its species that were otherwise normal in a meadow in Dresden Botanic Garden. In making enquiries to staff about it, Joerg was surprised to be given the plant and that it was derided it was as a monstrosity!

In the intervening twenty or so years 'Pumpot' which is named after a green-garbed character in Sorb mythology, has been steadily passed between collectors, and was notably sold on German eBay in 2014 for 399.99 euros. This slender snowdrop is a perfect example of its floral morphology, the outer segments showing a solid apical V to U-shaped marking over a shallow sinus whilst their inner surface shows the green lines running to the base. The inner segments are similarly marked and slightly shorter.

It is parent to some very special off-spring such as ‘Golden Chalice’ , ‘Goldfink’ and ‘Zitronenfalter’ which are examples of a completely new break, the colour-change inverse poculiform.

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