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Galanthus x hybridus 'Trumps' AGM

Galanthus x hybridus 'Trumps' AGM


I vividly remember the day in 1989 when I first went to see John Morley’s garden at North green and being shown a small stand of half a dozen of the then almost mythical G. plicatus ‘Trym’, having appeared recently enough for its eventual name not to have crystallised away from its synonym, ‘Ace of Spades’ and for both epithets not to appear on the label. Ten years on and I chanced upon the first of its known hybrids with G. elwesii (although we didn’t realise it at the time) that soon after, became ‘Trumps’. Today, this clone enjoys a cast-iron reputation for its growability and vigour. Whilst at The Garden House six bulbs planted in 2004 in 2012 produced almost 400 flowers, all through natural increase! Perhaps its vigour can be attributed, in part, to its sterility. I have never found even a single seed. Broad glaucous foliage, applanate to weakly supervolute at the base provide the perfect backing to the flowers, with sometimes two scapes per bulb. Outer segments show bold narrow arrow-head marking at the apex. Like hellebores their glory is seen when they are turned upwards to reveal an emerald green central stripe to the base of each of the segments. Height in good conditions approximately 25 cm.

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