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Narcissus pseudonarcissus 'Freak'

Narcissus pseudonarcissus 'Freak'


Really pleased to be have enough stock to enable me to offer this demonstrably esoteric daffodil for the first time. It was found my great friend, the late Simon Savage and like its species can comfortably overlap in flowering with the snowdrops. The name is apt and of all Simon's selections, this, I think, was the one which gave him the greatest pleasure for its abandonment of normality (in daffodil terms) and often of symmetry. The image gives some idea of what it can do but the point of this plant is that virtually no flower is the same with the segment types frequently being imperfectly differentiated. One well-known daffodil grower told Simon it should have been drowned at birth. A plant likely to inspire passionate opinions but just the sort of lunatic that many galanthophiles would not be without, myself included.

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